Services available at NightShift Studios

Sound Engineering

  • 35 years experience in live and studio recording environments
  • 40+ years as a musician, songwriter, producer, tutor
  • Background in electronic and instrument servicing
  • A creative flexibility to cater for a wide range of client needs

The role of a sound engineer is to simplify the recording process so that clients need only concern themselves with their tasks as musicians — full concentration on the performance.

It is, therefore, the aim of a good sound engineer to make the recording process as painless and transparent as possible, yet still capture the heart & soul of the music.

Audio Equipment

  • Analog console interfaced with digital computer based recording platforms
  • Digital recording, editing, mixing, mastering and remastering
  • Music sampling, looping and MIDI sequencing
  • Range of professional microphones, DI boxes, cables, etc
  • Older analog equipment still in place for digital mastering
  • A host of rack mounted sound effect units and keyboard modules

Although it is considered normal practice for clients to bring their own musical instruments and accessories — there are various amplifiers (Marshall, Vox, Jansen), electronic keyboard, acoustic guitars and percussion items available for use, free of charge.

Digital Mastering

Give your recording that professional look and sound by having it mastered or remastered into any format, or how about digitally archiving some of your old music?

Computer Sequencing

MIDI based sequencing is available here, and these days we often loop rhythm sections before adding overdubbed instrument and vocal tracks.

Thought about having a song converted to a different format, but don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself. Well here at Nightshift we can do it for you.

Duplication Facilities

We duplicate CDs in quantities up to 100 with, or without, printed cover art. No order is too small!! We are happy to assist with larger orders through bulk duplication companies and can produce production and artwork masters for this purpose. These days songs and tracks can also be supplied in a variety of formats, and on a variety of removable media including internet file transfers.


Our modern computer based graphics facilities enable us to prepare full artwork for your project. At the studio we can print professional CD booklets, inlays and, of course, the specially coated CDRs. We can also produce brochures, posters, business cards and logos. Professional artwork is very important for the final look of your product whether it be a final CD release or a carefully prepared DEMO. Getting that important gig or sale really depends on everything from the great recorded sound to the professional finish of the completed product.

We are your one-stop-shop because we care about our clients.