What about production?

The first and vital step of creating your own masterpiece, whether it’s a demo tape, full album, E.P. or even advertisements, is to plan everything, from song times to instruments’ sound. Everything needs to be considered well ahead of time.

“Preparation is everything!”

With this in mind, we invite you to visit us at NightShift Studios to talk about the organization and the requirements of your project. Every song or tune begins with an idea that will change through all the various stages, right through to the mastering and hopefully at the end you will have the desired product. It is vital to have a good idea of the sound that you prefer before you start and also a clear and humble understanding of your own limitations. This should help you bring together your ability and your expectations to make a recording that is satisfying to you and also be a unique learning experience at the hands of our experienced engineer/producer.

Our engineer will guide you through all the stages of the recording process, prompted by your aspirations and needs. NightShift Studios is geared to cater for every kind of small music ensemble or group.

The artwork and duplication process is done here for a small extra cost and you can be sure to have excellent quality artwork that will add the sparkle to your product that you want and can be proud of. Bulk duplication is available here at NightShift Studios and we are able to create CD’s for that extra professional look.

There you have it, a brief run-down of the studio facilities and our service aims.